Circular Walk From Mortehoe via Rockham Beach, Bull Point, Bennett’s Mouth and Kinevor Valley

It was a bit of grey day and not at all inviting for a coastal walk but we go out whatever the weather plus our dog needed a walk!

We drove to Mortehoe and parked at the main car park. From here we walked up the road in between the post office and Miss Fea’s (excellent restaurant). Continue along this road until you see North Morte Well just pass Bracken Corner, turn left here onto the footpath. Go through the gate and follow the path towards the coast. At the end turn right through the gate and continue to Rockham Beach. Unfortunately due to damaged steps you are not able to access the beach.

Continue up the hill along the path through the gorse bushes. During our April walk the gorse was in full bright yellow flower. The path goes inland slightly towards Bull Point Cottages and the Lighthouse. If you prefer a slightly shorter walk, take the road here back to Mortehoe. From here there is (another) climb up hill. Eventually you reach the crest and there is a winding narrow path that takes you down to Bennett’s Mouth. A lovely spot for a photo or refreshment in the rocky cove. If you follow the path back out of the Bennett’s Mouth, this will take you to Lee Bay. On this occasion we went back through the gate and walked inland across the field and into a “secret” wooded area in the Kinever Valley. Snowdrops and other wild flowers can be spotted along the path in Spring. The woodland follows a stream and then up a steep climb that opens out onto a private road. Turn left, follow the road and eventually you will end back at Mortehoe .

The walk took us around 1 1/2 hours.


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